Meditations & Reflections


  • Basic Mindfulness Meditation Instruction & Awareness of Breath and Sound Meditation [Download]
  • Desk Chair Meditation [Download]
  • Introduction to Meditations with Thoughts and Emotions & Awareness of Thoughts Meditation [Download]
  • Awareness of Emotions Meditation [Download]
  • Kindness Meditation- Part 1 [Download]
  • Kindness Meditation- Part 2 [Download]


  • Reflection on Leadership Excellence [Download]
  • Reflection on Leadership Principles [Download]


A Few Words About Meditations:


As you begin to explore mindful leadership training, it is helpful to take a few moments to learn the four basic steps we will use for the meditation practices throughout the book. In the beginning, you may find it useful to return to these basic instructions before you begin each practice session.

First, sit comfortably, choose a sitting posture that allows your body to feel supported and to become still. A straight back chair works well or you can use a meditation cushion on the floor. Place your hands comfortably in your lap and allow your eyes to close gently.

Second, intentionally choose to bring your attention to a specific object. Any object can be the focus for mindfulness meditation but in the beginning, it is most helpful to bring your attention to something your senses will easily notice, such as your breath or the sounds around you.

Third, bring an attitude of open curiosity to whatever you notice, without trying to change or control or assess what is here. Just notice

Finally, when your attention is pulled away or drifts away, redirect your attention back to the object you have chosen, redirecting your attention firmly and gently, with discipline and self-compassion.

(An excerpt from Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership by Janice Marturano)